What type of witch are you?

What type of Witch are You?

There are many different types of witchcraft and there is no one size fits all category. Here are most of the different types of witches that I have come across. Most people choose the type of magick that resonates the most with them, sometimes fitting into more than one type.

This post will be broken down into two categories:

Part One

I want to touch on witchcraft as a spiritual practice and go over some of the types of witchcraft that you might hear about. Some witches have a spiritual (almost religious) type of witchcraft practice. This includes the influence of deity on their practice and including them in their rituals.

Part Two

This is the fun part.. This is where you get to look at all of the different types of witchcraft and see where your practice fits on. These are what people refer to when they talk about the type of witchcraft they practice. Most people find they have a slight preference towards a specific type of magick, others will choose a little bit from each of the different types of witches (eclectic).

Part One

These types of witches are not related to the types of witchcraft that you practice, but more about your practice as a whole. Each of these types of witches are different in how they practice their craft.

Wiccan Witch

A Wiccan witch is one who sees magic as part of their spiritual practice. They follow the principles of the Wiccan Religion which is a nature based religion. You do not have to be Wiccan to be a witch, nor do you have to practice magick to be Wiccan. Magick and witchcraft can be part of the religion for Wiccans, but is not required. Their magick typically includes deities. There are multiple different classifications of Wicca, such as Gardenarian or Alexandrian, but that’s for another time. Just know that there are some differences, but the concept is mostly the same throughout.

Secular Witch

Secular witches practice witchcraft, but do not see it as a form of spirituality. Deities are not used in the magick practice. They manipulate the energies around them using skill and study without calling on deities for assistance. This is the common idea of being a witch, but not Wiccan. This is the most common type of witch today as more and more millennials are adopting witchcraft in place of a religion. Gone are the days of ‘thou shalts’.

Hereditary Witch

This type of witch has probably grown up around witchcraft. Parts or all of the family has practiced witchcraft and have passed down their traditions through the family, by oral learning, weird traditions, or formal learning. Many hereditary witches are taught witchcraft by a family member and have their own way of doing things which may not line up with the more common ways of doing things. They are typically raised using witchcraft in their daily life or are at least familiar with it.

Eclectic Witch

Eclectic witches don’t choose a specific type, but they pick and choose what they like from each type and use it as their own. This is more common in solitary practitioners and more common in today’s witches than it was previously. These witches won’t be able to choose just one of the specialties from below. They will be drawn to more than one, or think “well, I use this type for this situation and this one for that…” This is A-okay. There’s nothing wrong with not have one specialty. You are like a jack of all trades.

Chaos Witch

A chaos witch is similar to an eclectic witch in that they pick and choose what works for them, but Chaos witches take things one step further and keep no traditions what so ever. Not just from other people, but they don’t even create their own traditions. Some say that even writing things down for a chaos witch means that you are not a chaos witch.. But to each their own.

Before you move onto part two, you might be interested to check out my post on what it means to be a witch. You can find it here.

witchcraft circle. types of witchcraft
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Part Two

These are the types of witchcraft that witches practice. Each type includes a short description of the type of witchcraft and some of the preferences of each type of witch. As you read through this list, think about which type of witchcraft you feel drawn to.

Hedge Witch

Sits on the “hedge” between worlds. More commonly called a shaman, or village healer. They have an affinity for the spirit world and herbs and plants which are used for healing. This is most commonly taught by word of mouth and uses a lot of meditation and dream-work to learn for yourself. This type of witch is familiar with the Tree of Life as they travel up and down the tree, crossing the realms, frequently. They are able to work with spirits in the spirit realm and bring back information into the material realm.

Favorite Herbs: You love them all! You should narrow it down to a handful that you can easily grow them or forage them

Favorite Crystals: Howlite- it is associated with new ideas, communication and past lives

Type of Divination: Deep mediation and Runes

Spell Types: Creating concoctions from herbs or simply nature based spells, like dancing in the forest to attract fairies

Posts for Hedge Witches:

Green Witch

They base their magick on the use of herbs and plants. Most, if not all, have a garden of sorts. Green Witches also create powerful spells using herbs that they have acquired or grown themselves. They are in tune with the plants in their garden and can frequently be found talking to them. Some believe that plants have a consciousness and that they respond to the witches requests.

Favorite Herbs: They’re all your favorite. Try to find your favorites- herbs, spices, flowers, trees, etc.

Favorite Crystals: Citrine is associated with abundance and prosperity, both things that you want in your garden

Type of Divination: Dowsing with branches or scrying into a bowl of water

Spell Types: Infusing plants with your power and intentions

Posts for Green Witches:

Herbs for herbalism. Some types of witchcraft rely more on herbs and flowers than others.
Healing Herbs

Cottage (Hearth) Witch

Cottage witches are a combination between Kitchen witch and Green witch. They are focused on the home (hearth). Infusing common household practices with a little bit of magick. This type of witch loves creating their own natural products and being free of chemicals in their home. Cooking and cleaning have a different meaning to this witch. They see it as a chance to infuse their home with magick- through sweeping away negative energy, removing stagnant energy (dusting), or cooking up a batch of warm cookies to bring the family happiness. They may spend all of their energy on others’ at the expense of their own health or energy.

Favorite Herbs: Oats are associated with abundance and grounding

Favorite Crystals: Green calcite is associated with softness and self-care

Type of Divination: Tarot and oracle cards

Spell Types: Charm bags filled with plants, crystals and other tid bits.

Cottage Witch Posts:

Crystals and divination tools are only a part of certain witches practices.

Crystal Witch

Crystal Witches work with stones, crystals and gemstones for healing, sometimes they work with Chakras. They have a special connection with crystals and may have had a rock collection as a child, maybe even a pet rock. As they grow in their practice, they may incorporate crystals into their magick by creating gem elixirs, mediating with specific crystals and carrying crystals around to be in constant connection with the energies of Mother Earth.

Favorite Herbs: Succulents as they are associated with healing, strength and lunar magick

Favorite Crystals: All of them. You may have a disorganized collection or you may have them organized by color and habitat

Type of Divination: Crystal Ball Scrying

Spell Types: Crystal Grids

Sea/Water Witch

These witches love the ocean, and to a lesser extent, most other bodies of water. They use the ocean and its symbols in their magick, which usually coincides with the tides and the lunar cycles. They will typically live near the beach, or spend all of their time thinking about when they can get to the beach. Their altar typically has shells and driftwood. They typically choose deities such as Poseidon, or Aphrodite or water spirits such as mermaids, nymphs, or sea monsters like Kraken or Leviathan.

Water witches will have the same affinity that sea witches have to the ocean to other bodies of water. Sometimes water witchcraft includes all water bodies including, but not just limited to the ocean.

Favorite Herb: Bladderwrack (aka kelp) is associated with protection

Favorite Crystals: Fluorite because it is ruled by Pisces and Neptune which are water signs/planets. Fluorite is associated with meditation, higher awareness, mysticism and clearing trauma

Type of Divination: Shell Divination

Spell Types: Anything that you can use the beach in- seawater elixirs, sigils on shells, or writing a spell in the sand, only to have the ocean wash it away

Sea Witches Create Sigils on Shells and toss them into the ocean or body of water to cast spells.

Forest Witch

They are familiar with local plants and herbs, more into foraging than having a garden. They typically prefer to be in the forest, or the woods. If possible, they will live near the woods, or have a patch of undeveloped land nearby. The Forest witch is in tune with nature at its most primal level and uses the energies of nature that’s around her to create powerful spells. The plants and herbs that are used in spells are typically foraged. They also have a connection to the forest animals.

Favorite Herbs: Dandelions which are associated with wishes and wanderlust

Favorite Crystals: Sodalite which is associated with intuition, knowledge and transformation. All of which are highly relevant to the forest witch.

Type of Divination: Runes- preferably handmade. Runes can be made from stones, wood or even bone pieces. What material feels best for you? Also, they can be transported easily and can be cast anywhere (like during a hike).

Spell Types: Charm bags and spell jars made from foraged materials.

Forest Witch Posts:

Faery witches tend to the earth and are typically a type of green witchcraft or hedge witchcraft.

Faery Witch

Someone who is connected to the Fae Realm and can communicate with Faeries. Commonly associated with Green Witches, they most likely have a Faery Garden for their Fae friends. Faeries can be great allies or terrible foes. The Faerie type of witchcraft has an affinity for the Fae and tends to become a great ally for them by creating spaces for them to live and play. These witches may also commune with other mythical and mystical creatures like dragons, elementals and mermaids.

Favorite Herbs: Hawthorn is considered one of the most magickal trees. Those who fall asleep under them are said to risk being lost in faerie land

Favorite Crystals: Rose Quartz which is associated with love, romance, and friendship

Type of Divination: Working with the Fae. You can ask their guidance on something with an offering and gauge their reaction to it

Spell Types: Anything that involves the Fae. Most times it will also involve an offering

kitchen witchcraft uses magic in the kitchen through making food and baking to share their magic.

Kitchen Witch

This type of witchcraft uses magick in cooking and baking to help the people they are cooking for. They infuse energy into the foods that they cook, which can be very powerful if done correctly. Kitchen witches love to be in the kitchen and tend to have a knack for making foods that make people feel better for no known reason. A kitchen witch may be responsible for chicken soup… Your altar may be in your kitchen, as this is where you spend the most time. You are always looking at new recipes and you just seem to ‘know’ what substitutions will work best.

Favorite Herbs: Sage as it is a great culinary herbs as well as a cleansing herb

Favorite Crystals: Clear Quartz is associated with cleansing spaces and directing energy

Type of Divination: Tasseography (tea leaf reading) may work well for the kitchen witch

Spell Types: All foods are spells for the kitchen witch if they infused it with their intentions

Kitchen Witch Posts:

Lunar Witch

A Lunar witch aligns magick with the phases of the moon. This type of witchcraft is mostly done at night and is very in tune with the cycles of the moon. They complete rituals on full moons and new moons and sometimes even for waxing and waning moons. They sync their magick and their life to the cycles of the moon. Doing this not only increases their power, but connects them with the Divine Feminine. This type of witch is very sensitive and intuitive, possibly even psychic.

Favorite Herbs: Jasmine as it is ruled by the moon and associated with love, dreams, and spirituality

Favorite Crystals: Selenite is also ruled by the moon and is associated with peace, intuition and dissolving negative energy

Type of Divination: Dream magick and trusting the guidance that you receive while you sleep

Spell Types: Moon phase spells hold the most power for these witches because they know how to harness the power of the moon and use it in their spells

Lunar Witch Posts:

Divination Witch

Divination witches feel called to work with divination tools, and are able to really tap into their intuition while using these tools. Those who practice this type of witchcraft are typically ruled by the zodiac sign Aquarius as this zodiac sign is known to work with tarot, tea leaf reading, palmistry, etc. Their intuition while using the tools allow them to relay messages from the spirit world that may otherwise be unattainable for others using the same tools.

 Favorite Herbs: Mugwort is associated with divination and clairvoyance

Favorite Crystals: Amethyst

Type of Divination: All of them. You sometimes just know which divination system wants to ‘talk’

Spell Types: Tarot Spells

Divination Witch Posts:

Cosmic witches use astrology and the stars to time their magick. This type of witchcraft is commonly practiced by astrologers.

Astronomy or Cosmic Witch

They use astronomy and astrology to align their magick. Astronomy witches have always had a fascination with the planets and the stars and may have even dreamed about going into space when they were a kid (maybe you still do). Using the alignment of the planets and stars, they are able to sync things in their lives to times when the energies are perfect. These witches will align their life up to the movements of the planets.

Favorite Herbs: Lavender to calm you down to allow an otherworldy connection

Favorite Crystals: Black onyx

Type of Divination: Astrology

Spell Types: Spells specific to placements of the planets

Storm Witch

They have a connection to the weather. Storm witches not only have an affinity for thunderstorms or rain, but may be able to control it to a degree. They align their magick to times when the weather will give them the most power (i.e. thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.). Their goal isn’t destruction, but creating good magick from the power of Mother Nature during these storms.

Favorite Herbs: Alder is associated with winds and can be used to bring winds, which eventually will bring a storm.

Favorite Crystals: Sapphire

Type of Divination: Water scrying

Spell Types: Magical songs, and the use of bells

Nocturnal Witch

These witches have the highest energies after midnight. This type of witchcraft embraces darker energies of the night. Nocturnal witches are similar to lunar witches with their affinity for the moon, but Nocturnal witches are where the typical stereotype of magick in the dark comes from. These witches are typically night owls, no matter how hard they try to be a morning person. They find that their magick is more powerful when done at night.

Favorite Herbs: Calea Zacatechichi (Mexican Dream Herb), Mugwort, or any other herb to help you sleep and enhance your dreams

Favorite Crystals: Onyx

Type of Divination: Ouija Board for spirit communication

Spell Types: Banishing spells or binding spells

Music Witch

They “see” sounds to enhance rituals and spells. These witches find themselves very interested in sound healing and the effects that sounds have on the human body. They typically have some sort of musical affinity, whether singing or playing and instrument. They may create their own music as their spells.

Favorite Herbs: Essential oils. Although this isn’t quite an herb per say, the oils from the herbs used in diffusers are great for music witches.

Favorite Crystals: Peridot

Type of Divination: Singing or playing music to connect, almost in a trance like fashion

Spell Types: Enchanting songs

Music witches practice a special type of magic and may be musicians themselves, sharing their magick with the world through the radio.
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Fire/Candle Witch

They tend to focus on candles, burning and working with the element of fire. Fire can be a great destroyer or a great creator. This is the fine line that these witches walk. Most witches use candles, but Fire witches find that they need candles around them and have a borderline unhealthy draw to fire.

Favorite Herbs: Dragon’s Blood as it is associated with the lord of fire, the Dragon

Favorite Crystals:  Fire Opal

Type of Divination: Candle Scrying or wax interpretation

Spell Types: Protection and Purification Spells

Techno Witch

Predominantly uses technology to complete spells and rituals. They are witches of the 21st century. They love to use witchy apps on their phones or computer to create spells, keep their Book of Shadows and may even use divination tool apps. The connectedness that technology provides allows them to feel connected to their craft and they couldn’t imagine “going old fashioned” and writing everything down.

Favorite Herbs: Essential oils. Although this isn’t quite an herb per say, the oils from the herbs used in diffusers are great for techno witches.

Favorite Crystals: Aura quartz is associated with purification, healing, communication and the ability to recognize beauty in all things. These crystals are partially manmade by bonding clear quartz with platinum and silver

Type of Divination: Digital Tarot Apps

Spell Types: Any digital spell that was written or stored on your computer

Now that you have seen a lot of different types of witches and magick, tell me.. What type of witchcraft do you feel you practice? What type of magick resonate the most with you?





11 responses to “What type of Witch are You?”

  1. Anonymous


    1. sabrina birkrem Avatar
      sabrina birkrem

      i am an sea/water witch,forest witch,green witch,crystal witch

    2. Lisa Avatar

      Eclectic Starseed Angel Witch: My spells are always with the Angels of all Realms in addition to layering several other components all at the same time!
      My daily ritual starts out with:
      “Dear God, Angels, Arch Angels, All Realms of Angels, Ascended Masters, Unicorns 🦄, Dragons 🐉, Elementals, Fae, and All Positive Beings from the Galactic Realm…….”

  2. Mercedes Avatar

    I’m a music witch because I love to sing!

  3. Tina Hopkins Avatar

    I’am an Eclectic/Fire/Candle witch because i’m drawn to different spell’s and i’m a / Fire/Candle witch cause i really love candle magic.

  4. Tina Hopkins Avatar

    I’am an Eclectic/Fire/Candle witch because i’m drawn to all kind’s of different magic and I’m a fire/candle witch because i love candle magic.

  5. Rae Avatar

    I feel like I am a little bit of everything rolled into one. I have an affinity for a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

  6. Supriya Avatar

    I strongly feel am a Lunar witch.. because i have fully experienced the magic of moon goddess Daina.since 6 months am working with her and have her blessings in my life.

  7. starlightsuns Avatar

    Eclectic divination witch. Wow.

  8. Aurora Storm Avatar
    Aurora Storm

    Water/storm witch, but interested in working with mystical creatures and being a healer…after researching my roots saw much Celtic, Gaelic, Norse, and Native American heritage…would like to honor them in my magick

  9. Melissa Nault Avatar

    Eclectic Witch for sure, strongly influenced by Crystal, Faery, Lunar, Divination and Comic energy.

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