Witch Aesthetic Wall Décor Ideas To Make Your Home Magical

I don’t know about you, but Amazon took me a while to warm up to and now I can’t stop shopping on it. But sometimes it takes me a while to find things that are witchy or mystical. So here are some of my favorite tapestries that I am loving on Amazon right now.

sun and moon halloween tapestry for wall
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This one of the sun and the moon is a little more Halloween oriented, but if you rock the Halloween décor all year round, this might be perfect for you. These are 14″x 20″ polyester tapestries and you do get both of them together.

Moon Phase Tapestries

Below are all of the different moon phase tapestries that I found and really liked.

This one comes in both white and peach or black and gold. You can get them separately or as a pair. They’re 53″ long and 13″ wide and made from cotton-linen material. I like the constellations around teh edges of this one.

Gold wall chain with phases of the moon
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I feel like if we are talking about wall art or tapestries, then you have to include the moon phase chains. You can grab both of these on Amazon as a bundle or as separates. This is from a Woman Owned Small Business and handmade too.

Tarot Themed Tapestries

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If you’re into tarot, this one may be of interest to you. This set comes with both The Sun and The Moon tarot cards as tapestries. This is not the Rider Waite Smith art, but similar that symbology. These tapestries are 14″ x 20″ and come in a variety of styles and colors.

I also found the below tarot wall décor if the above style isn’t your thing.

3 colored wall tapestries with the sun, moon and star tarot cards.
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This is a set of 3 tapestries with The Sun, The Moon and The Star taro cards.

Tarot card posters for witchy wall decor
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These are a set of 6 posters with The Sun, The Moon, The Star, The Lovers, The World and Strength tarot cards.

Both of the wall décor above are styled more like the 1910 Rider Waite Smith (RWS) tarot card images.

I really like this one because they’re not necessarily a matching pair, but go a little broader into the whole mystical lifestyle. The zodiac one, I feel everyone can get into, and the palmistry one is a little more vintage in the looks, in my opinion. These are both 14″ x 20″ tapestries.

Moon phase mirror set with 5 mirrors
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I really like mirrors, not only can they be used for scrying, but they’re great for reflecting light throughout your house to brighten things up. I think mirrors shaped like moons couldn’t be more perfect because the moon reflects the sun’s rays, just as this mirror would be doing.

white triangle moon décor
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black triangle moon décor
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These little triangles are really pretty and look to be a great accent on any shelf or table. They’re 9 inches on each side and 1 inch thick. The moon design on the inside looks like it may be on canvas or linen of sorts.

I hope that you guys enjoyed looking at these as much as I did. Don’t forget to check out some of the tarot and witchy posts here on Ohm Terra too.

Witch Aesthetic Wall Décor Ideas To Make Your Home Magical
Witch Aesthetic Wall Décor Ideas To Make Your Home Magical
Witch Aesthetic Wall Décor Ideas To Make Your Home Magical
Witch Aesthetic Wall Décor Ideas To Make Your Home Magical






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