Practicing yoga is a release. A release of stress, of tension, of time, of self. Finding yourself takes time. Time alone with yourself and your thoughts.

But sometimes you need a quick fix. Picture this.. In the middle of the day, you take a break and do 5 or 10 minutes of yoga. Mostly stretching to release the tension and stress you’re holding onto. But are you going to spend that 5 or 10 minutes changing in and out of your work clothes or doing a few minutes of yoga?

I’m lucky enough that I can take a couple breaks to stretch each day. I usually wear jeans and a shirt or a polo, and trying to change really fast would only make a calming situation more stressful.

So, I don’t change. I practice yoga in jeans.

When you think about practicing yoga, you picture yourself in yoga pants and a sports bra, or tighter fitting shirt, on a mat, in a calm environment. Right?

What if it wasn’t the perfect environment for you to practice yoga? What if you didn’t change into yoga clothes? Or have your yoga mat? What if you weren’t in class or in your home studio? Could you still get the same benefits from doing yoga?

Well, duh! Of course you can! Yoga isn’t about pushing yourself to be what you see in social media. Yoga is about Your Journey. It’s about you and making you feel like the best version of yourself.

Your practice is continually happening, on and off the mat. The realizations that you come to, the flexibility that you feel, the calmness. It’s all still there with you when you leave the mat.

So when I am stuck in the office, in the middle of the day. I do yoga. In Jeans. On my carpeted floor.

What Practicing Yoga in Jeans has Taught Me

Every situation you are in has something that you can learn from it, if you are able to step back and look. These are the lessons that doing yoga in jeans has taught me.

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You don’t have to go as deep to feel the release

Everyone is always trying to ‘be more flexible’. Always in a race to be like someone else that you follow on social media.

Doing yoga in jeans has taught me that I don’t have to go as deep to feel the same release in tighter than usual muscles. By this point in the day, my muscles are usually tight from work stress anyhow.

Sometimes the jeans even help hold me a certain pose to feel the release of tension.

You don’t have to be like everyone else

Yoga is over sensationalized these days. It’s the ‘new thing’.

But everyone is chasing dreams to be like that girl on the beach doing yoga all day. ( I mean who doesn’t want this, lets be honest..)

What they don’t see is how hard she must work to be able to do yoga on the beach all day. Each and every person has their own journey.

Stop trying to follow someone else’s journey and see where yours takes you.

It’s about the journey not the pose

Yes, yoga is full of poses. Poses for this and poses for that. But the pose is an expression of what’s inside. A way for the energy to move through you and release. To heal.

Touching my forehead to my knee in  a forward bend is not as important when my goal is to reduce stress. Yes, the deeper stretch is nice, but I can save that for when I have more time.

Right now, I want to release my tension. And any pose that allows me to do that is what I need.

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Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting

Yoga can be a form of  moving meditation. Meditation can come in many different forms and walking meditation is very common.

Five minutes of yoga can be a quick meditation to bring you back to center. The same thing can be said of taking 5 deep breaths when you feel stressed out.

When you realize that you don’t have to have the perfect situation to do something, the doors to so many options swing wide open for you.

Are you ready to embrace the imperfect situation on your journey?
Have you done yoga in jeans before?
Why Practicing Yoga in Jeans isn\'t a Bad Thing
Why Practicing Yoga in Jeans isn\'t a Bad Thing
Why Practicing Yoga in Jeans isn\'t a Bad Thing

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