Yoga is the trending on most social media platforms and so many of us are benefitting from adding some form of it to our self care routines. But we could be hurting ourselves if w don’t use the proper yoga mat.

When you do yoga without a mat, you end up putting more pressure on your joints and body where you connect with the floor.

This can lead to sore spots and bruising.

I used to love doing yoga on a super thin mat that I got at Walmart until I decided to be a little more serious about yoga and upgraded my yoga mat.

I bought the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat with a block and a towel and I can say that I have been super happy with the mat. I have not had a single problem in the years that I have had this mat.

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Specifics

The Manduka PRO mat comes in two different sizes, 71” and 85”.  I chose the 71” as I am only 5’ tall and couldn’t imagine what to do with the extra 14” of mat that the 85” one would give me.  The length is good and allows me to do all of my poses including shavasana without my head or feet hanging off the mat (unintentionally).

It’s 6mm thick and is made of latex and emissions free PVC. I rarely have to fold my mat to give me extra cushioning while doing poses.  Most poses can be completed on hard surfaces with just one layer of the mat. I am not allergic to latex, but some people are and this mat being latex free gives them more options to purchase a good yoga mat.

They offer a lifetime guarantee that the mat won’t wear out from normal use. Normal use being classified as doing yoga on it and the fabric top would have to separate for them to replace it. Otherwise, stains and gouges are not covered.

I am not sure what the exact weight is, but it is heavy, but not too heavy to carry around. I prefer to leave mine at the house, but occasional travel would be fine with it.

What’s the Cost?

You can grab the mat here on Amazon for around $130.

Was it worth it?

With a hefty price tag of over $100 I would expect the mat to be everything and more. And it is. The only downside that I have found it that it needs to really be broken in for those of us with sweaty palms. And even after being broken in it sometimes still allows my palms to slip. I ended up purchasing a yoga towel from them as well for this reason.

I would recommend purchasing this mat if you are into yoga at all because it may be the last mat that you will need to purchase.

Why You Need a Good Yoga Mat


  1. Thanks for the review, I do a lot of yoga but have thus far always bought cheap mats and replaced them every couple years. I am a little intimidated by the price tag, I’m glad to hear they have a lifetime warranty though!

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