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Updated: Aug 6,2020

The past couple of months I went a little crazy with how many books were available…. But since we are all being let out of our homes (a little bit, at least) there may be less time to enjoy all of this information. Just make sure that you include some self care into your routine. (Unless you want to use being sick as an excuse to stay at home and read ALL THE BOOKS!.. but you wouldn’t want to do that now.. would you? *cough cough*) I do realize that because of the global situation, money may be a bit tight, so I thought that I would hunt through Amazon for some free witchy books that you can read in your down time.  Below is a list of witchy Kindle books that are free- even without a Prime or Audible membership.

If you are interested in getting more than is one this list I highly recommend getting Kindle Unlimited Sub or an Audible Sub– depending on how you would like to read or listen.

The only down side that I have found to doing Kindle Unlimited is that if you like to read fiction series, they will give you the first for free then require payment for the remainder of the series. This bothered me until I realized that most of the books that I want to read now-a-days aren’t series, THEY’RE WITCHY.

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The Best Finds

The Tarot

This book is by McGregor Mathers, one of the heads of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Why does he matter? Well, his tarot deck is the deck that both Crowley (Thoth tarot deck) and A.E. Wait (RWS tarot deck) both based their decks off of. One of the requirements of the Order was that each member was to create their own tarot deck based off of the deck that was given. This “given deck” is believed to be from Mathers.

Studies in Occultism

Madame Blavatsky is one of the earliest esoteric writers of the occult sciences that are referred to as being “Western” (opposed to Eastern[ India, China, etc]). Her writing inspired the occultists of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Mythology + Folklore

Witchcraft, Wicca + Paganism

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Meditation and Intuition

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Divination (Tarot, Astrology, Runes, Tea Leaf Reading, Palmistry, etc)

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Free Witchy and Magick BooksFree Witchy and Magick BooksFree Witchy and Magick BooksFree Witchy and Magick BooksFree Witchy and Magick Books

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