Tarot and astrology

How to Combine Tarot and Astrology

Pretty much everyone knows what their sun sign is and has probably read their horoscope in the news at some point.

You might even know what your moon and rising signs are.

But how do these astrology signs connect with tarot cards?

A Little Background…

Tarot can be linked back to a card game in Europe in the 1500s or so. Astrology can be linked to multiple cultures around the world as far back as we have records. It’s no wonder it continuously shows up.. If you have been following along with the Finding Your Soul series, this is the third installment. If you haven’t checked out the first two, you can do so below:

In Depth Tarot Birth Cards

Tarot Year Cards

So let’s get started..

Each zodiac sign can be linked to a few different tarot cards. You can use each of these cards to help you on your path to finding your soul purpose.

To start, find your sun sign on the chart below and have a look at the corresponding tarot card. I have included the dates for each sing as well in case you need them.

You should be familiar with some of the qualities of your zodiac sign, but if you aren’t, have a search around google to gain more insight.

How do the energies of your zodiac sign mix with the energies of the tarot card?

Do you notice that both Aries and the Emperor are fiery, authority figures?

Or that Virgos are very introspective, like the Hermit?

Zodiac SignTarot CardDates
AriesEmperorMarch 21- April 20
TaurusHierophantApril 21- May 20
GeminiLoversMay 21- June 20
CancerChariotJune 21- July 21
LeoStrengthJuly 22- August 22
VirgoHermitAugust 23- September 22
LibraJusticeSeptember 23- October 22
ScorpioDeathOctober 23-November 22
SagittariusTemperanceNovember 23- December 21
CapricornDevilDecember 22- January 19
AquariusStarJanuary 20- February 18
PiscesMoonFebruary 19- March 20

If your wondering where the remaining major arcana are they correspond to the 7 planets.

This gives us 12 zodiac correspondences, 7 planetary correspondences and The Fool is left out of the sequence as it is the card that journeys through all of them.

The Zodiac Decans

Taking it a step further, you can break down each zodiac sign into 3 sections, called decans. Each of the decans are correspond to a minor arcana card which allow you to go more in depth in your birth chart.

The 3 minor arcana cards that are listed in your sign will tell you the lessons and opportunities that you will encounter in this life.

Zodiac Sign

Dates/ Decans

Minor Arcana Card

AriesMarch 21- March 30Two of Wands
 March 31- April 10Three of Wands
 April 11- April 20Four of Wands
TaurusApril 21- April 30Five of Pentacles
 May 1- May 10Six of Pentacles
 May 11- 20Seven of Pentacles
GeminiMay 21- May 31Eight of Swords
 June 1- June 10Nine of Swords
 June 11- 20Ten of Swords
CancerJune 21- July 1Two of Cups
 July 2- 11Three of Cups
 July 12-21Four of Cups
LeoJuly 22- August 1Five of Wands
 August 2- August 11Six of Wands
 August 12- August 22Seven of Wands
VirgoAugust 23- September 1Eight of Pentacles
 September 2- September 11Nine of Pentacles
 September 12- September 22Ten of Pentacles
LibraSeptember 23- October 2Two of Swords
 October 3 – October 12Three of Swords
 October 13- October 22Four of Swords
ScorpioOctober 23-November 1Five of Cups
 November 2- November 12Six of Cups
 November 13- November 22Seven of Cups
SagittariusNovember 23- December 2Eight of Wands
 December 3- December 12Nine of Wands
 December 13- December 21Ten of Wands
CapricornDecember 22- December 30Two of Pentacles
 December 13- January 9Three of Pentacles
 January 10- January 19Four of Pentacles
AquariusJanuary 20- January 29Five of Swords
 January 30- February 8Six of Swords
 February 9- 18Seven of Swords
PiscesFebruary 19- February 29Eight of Cups
 March 1- March 10Nine of Cups
 March 11- March 20Ten of Cups


Destiny Card

Once you have found the 3 cards that represent your lessons and opportunities, you can get a little more specific by finding your Destiny Card.

Your Destiny Card indicates the natural impulses, desires and reactions that you have that come natural to you. You didn’t necessarily learn them from someone.. it’s just how you do.

From the zodiac chart above, find the tarot card that is for your actual birthday. This is your destiny card.

Court Cards- Your Personality

Lastly, we have the personality cards that are based on your sun, moon and rising signs. These cards tell you more about your personality and the persona that you portray to the world.

The court cards represent different personalities, which tell us how we are showing up in the world.

First, you need to know your sun, moon and rising signs. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what they are, you can find them on Café Astrology or any other astrology site offering a free birth chart. You will need to know your birth time and location for the greatest accuracy.

Next, you want to link up your 3 signs with the chart below. If you have found different correspondences to the court cards than I have below, then use your own.

Zodiac Sign

Court Card

AriesQueen of Wands
TaurusKing of Pentacles
GeminiKnight of Swords
CancerQueen of Cups
LeoKing of Wands
VirgoKnight of Pentacles
LibraQueen of Swords
ScorpioKing of Cups
SagittariusKnight of Wands
CapricornQueen of Pentacles
AquariusKing of Swords
PiscesKnight of Cups

  The card that represents your:

  • Sun sign is your personal potential card. This card tells you what your greatest potential in this lifetime is. What you are here to aspire to. This court card will show you the personality and the achievements of your accomplishments.
  • Moon sign is your inner teacher card. Think of this like the card of your intuition. Your inner guide has something to teach you in this life. What type of personality does this teacher have? What could this personality type teach you?
  • Rising sign is your external expression. This is the mask that you put on for the world. What are the traits of the mask that you wear? How does this mask differ from your soul and personality cards that you previously calculated?

I hope that you have enjoyed earning more about yourself with this post.

Let me know below if you think that the minor arcana cards for your sun, moon, and rising signs feel accurate.

How to Combine Tarot and AstrologyHow to Combine Tarot and Astrology






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