hierophant pattern- pursuit of knowledge

Pursuit of Knowledge through Teaching Birth Card Pattern

Here is my personal interpretation of the Tarot Birth Card Theme of The Hierophant and how it relates to the Pursuit of Knowledge through Teaching. If you have come across this page and you haven’t learned what your tarot birth cards are and how it relates to this pattern, head over to the main post on In Depth Tarot Birth Cards.

Tarot Card Pattern: The Hierophant

Theme: Pursuit of Knowledge through Teaching

hierophant tarot card

Key 5: The Hierophant: ritual, pursuit of knowledge and deeper meanings

temperance tarot card

Key 14: Temperance: balance, synthesis, healing

How the Pattern is Found

The tarot keys that are included in the Pattern of The Hierophant. Each of these cards can be broken down to a single prime number of 5, which relates it back to The Hierophant. 

Temperance: Key 14

14= 1+4=5


The energy of The Fool has made it to The Hierophant. He has learned about nurturing, control, inner wisdom and manifesting. Now he will learn how to combine that knowledge into something that others can learn from. Teaching is the best way to learn something. But The Hierophant isn’t just teaching any old thing. He is teaching deeper issues such as the meaning of life. By guiding your spiritual growth he will show you how to pursue this knowledge for yourself.  He is the one who can tell you the path those before you have walked and to guide you to your path. But he cannot walk it with you. Your path is your own.

A person with these birth cards has the ability to tap into this deeper knowledge. As a result, they can synthesize it into something that is useful for the collective. The more knowledge that this person is able to share with the world, the more balance and healing that can occur in others. The healing comes from the individuals walking their own path and using the guidance of The Hierophant to bring peace, balance, and healing into their lives and current situations.

The Hierophant typically will ask minimal in return for their knowledge as the knowledge has always been there and always will be there. In order for The Hierophant to learn, he must teach others and watch their path’s unfold.





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