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What Can Your Tarot Year Card Tell You About Yourself?

If you are interested in discovering more about what life is going to throw at you, look no further than your tarot deck. Your tarot deck can give you insight to most things in your life, even though it’s not a fortune telling tool, it can help give you themes and broad ideas that you can look for. It can also help you figure out what lessons need to be learned.

A Year Card can be two things:

  1. A global year card which gives us a theme for the collective consciousness for the year
  2. Personal Year Card which gives you a theme for the year for you personally

At the start of each year I like to sit down and look at what my year card is going to be and how those energies interact with the global year card. This practice tells me a little bit about how my energies are going to play with the global energies.

You can figure out your year card by adding up the numbers in your birth day, birth month and the current year. You then break this number down into a digit below 22.


07+25+2020= 2052

2+0+5+2=9 (Hermit)

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How I Use My Year Cards:

See what the year has in store for me

Each year, you will have a different year card. This card can give you some insight into how the year will go, what things you may want to focus on, or even just an overarching theme. Each year you will have your personal year card, which is based on the month and day or your birth combined with the current year. In addition, each year will have a global year card. This card is the sum of the digits in the year. So for this year, 2020, the year card is 4 (emperor). Compare and contrast the differences between the two cards. See what energies are going on this year for you. What might you need to focus on? What’s there an abundance of? What might be missing?

Find the lessons that I need to learn this lifetime

So this one is a little more in-depth and can take some time to complete, but it’s well worth it. In order to find out the lessons that you need to focus on in your lifetime, you calculate your personal year card for each year that you are alive (I made a printable for you to use here). You add in major life events and then note which card has the most repeats throughout your life span. As we don’t know how long we will live (morbid, I know) I typically choose to stop around 80 years of age or so. That is long enough to be able to see the patterns.

You also will notice a pattern that the year cards go in order, and then repeat. So for me, my year card starts at 5 and my first “section” ends at 13. My next section starts at 6 and ends at 14 and this continues throughout my life. There are a few years where you have a pattern that doesn’t follow this. For example, when I am 78, my year card is 20. When I am 80 my year card is 3.

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Once you have filled in the year cards printable look for patterns:

What card shows up the most? What do you think the lesson is?

What card shows up the least?

What cards don’t show up at all?

Once you have determined the lessons that you need to learn in this lifetime, it can help you figure out the path that you are meant to be on. Just remember, the Universe works in mysterious ways and your lesson or path may not be what you thought it was going to be..

For example: Person A has a life purpose to work with children.

Early years: they may help raise siblings in their household, or maybe they babysit for friends and neighbors.

Middle years: They may become an elementary school teacher.

Late Years: After they’ve retired from teaching, they start their own daycare that they run out of their home.

All of these career paths or jobs fulfill the same purpose, but they all look different from the outside looking in. Just remember this when you are thinking about your purpose and life path.

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What Can Your Tarot Year Card Tell You About Yourself?






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